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A bit about myself!

I’m an Industrial Engineer passionate about simplifying tasks, improving processes and helping people to achieve incredible results. At the beginning of my career, I felt very often that I had a lot of the theory available in books and case studies, but still more often than not, I got into the same issue: How do I apply the theory on the shop floor? Which steps do I need to follow? Where should I begin? How is everything linked? After several years of research, reading books and articles, attending seminars, webinars, implementing projects on the shop floor, interacting with different background teams and absorbing valuable information, I’ve decided to put together a course with my collective knowledge to help others succeed.

I'm excited to receive your feedback about the course and develop it further according to what people feel it could be of value (different topic, another format, etc.).

I strongly believe in systematic growth and would love to see you succeed and ensuring your organisation’s goals are aligned with the culture of improvement ingrained in the Lean approach.

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